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The tech sector in the first quarter of 2017

  Consumption of new and emerging technologies is higher than ever, helping the technology sector successfully win the race for the world’s top industry based on market size and total revenues.  Leading tech companies are especially powerful, with each of their avid customers gobbling up every single release that is made available in stores. Just […]

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REPOST: Free markets will do more for equality than high tax

How do we minimize, if not eradicate, income inequality? Is a major tax reform really the best solution to address such issue? Read this article on The Telegraph for some insights:     Income tax rates of 50pc or more; a mansion tax and far higher inheritance and wealth taxes; more generous benefits to redistribute […]

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Three reasons why you should invest internationally

Analysts are divided on how markets might turn out under the Trump administration. From overhauling the tax code, to repealing the Affordable Care Act and renegotiating trade deals, Trump’s plans can have massive implications for businesses, consumers, and investors. Uncertainty remains high as the new president has never been in public office. In other parts […]

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Emerging markets: Why NOW is the best time to ‘globalize’ your portfolio

China, India, and Brazil have rapidly risen as economic giants over the last few decades, with economies thumping those of the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and even the United States (in terms of purchasing power parity GDP). In the next several years, more countries from the developing world will emerge as financial juggernauts, possibly creating […]

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